NOPTIC®mounts on top of your spotlight. This patented design allows the police officer to pan and tilt the camera using the spotlight handle inside the patrol vehicle. The camera connects to most in car video monitors and MDTs. The added benefit of using the NOPTIC® with a laptop in the patrol vehicle is that you can record video evidence using software we include with the system. Unlike a handheld thermal imaging camera, NOPTIC® is mounted to your patrol car so you will never forget it at the station or leave it behind at a scene.

Made in America

NV3 NOPTIC Install Manual
Quick Install Guide
NOPTIC Technical Specifications


NOPTIC® is available in 30 Hz and 7.5 Hz versions. The 30 Hz version is available for domestic agencies. The 7.5 Hz version is our international version that is exportable without an export license. Please click here for more information regarding export restrictions.