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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q) Will the software on the website work with my Noptic Unit?

A) The Software is designed for the NV3 Camera, it also utilizes a Mini USB-B to USB-A cord so be sure to have one of those! Contact any of our distributors to order one.

Q) Why do I need a new USB cord for the new software?

A) We found a lot of issues with the RCA (Analog) to USB (Digital) adapters, to help reduce on this issue we designed a software specific to Noptic that keeps everything in a Digital form. The software also has several very useful tools to utilize as well!

Q) I downloaded the new software and now my Noptic Unit doesn't work?

A) The new software utilizes new hardware, we found a lot of issues with the USB Converter and prefered to take advantage of the digital output on our ECU's. If you have an NV3 Camera be sure to check that the ECU is connected to the MDC with a USB cord.

Q) I get a .DLL error when I launch the Noptic software?

A) This is an easy fix! The drivers weren't installed correctly, follow these steps to fix the problem!

  1. Close the application and unplug the USB cable.
  2. Make sure that the NOPTIC camera has power (i.e. does it click?).
  3. Plug the USB into the laptop.
  4. Open “Device Manager”
  5. Right click on “NOPTIC Spotlight” –> Update Driver…
  6. Select “Automatic”
  7. Wait a little bit. Windows may take ~60seconds to locate and download the correct driver.
  8. After Windows says “Done”, you need to unplug and replug the USB cable one more time.
  9. Now, restart the program. No computer restarts are required.

Q) I am still having issues with the Noptic Software!

A) Call our direct software support at 520-248-1585

Q) Which Thermal Camera Version Do I Have? NV1 or NV3?

A) Review the below pictures


NV 3 Camera
NV 3 Camera
NV 1 Camera
NV 1 Camera